Bradley’s British Tea House

Last Sunday I got a chance to visit this tea house that located at Senopati. The place is not a very big place, but its long and enough to filled by +-35 person. When I came here, there’s a party so I can’t take the ambience picture freely, but the place surely nice. My first impression about this place is this place feels like home, especially the bookshelf area. They served best tea in town and snack that not only eye-catching, but also delicious. You can get the complete information about the tea in their menu books that interesting to read if you dont know what kind of tea you would like to order.

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Im not sure about the history of the tea time, when you searching in the google, you will got some explanation about high tea, afternoon tea, tea time, or some kind of that. But remember, you don’t have to know the history of this tradition when you love it. Let’s start the tea time!

Set menu number 2 (IDR 175k)

This is my choice to accompany my evening tea time, this set consist of 5 kind of snacks: 3 sweets and 2 savory also a scoop of vanilla ice cream, here’s the complete review of each snacks:

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Light and soft bread with a biscuit like texture, it served with whipped cream and berry jam. This is my first time to try scone, or maybe in the past but I really forget about that. Personally I don’t really into this snack, the texture didn’t match my tastebud.

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Tuna sandwich filling that is seasoned with grated cheddar cheese and mozarella until the cheese is melted. Who can resist the melting cheese in the top of the bread? Sandwich was good with all the cheese, but for me it just a little bit too crispy inside, I expect for the softer texture. Back to your own taste, im still like this snack.

Potato Pancakes

Served with sweet and sour thai sauce, a potato sliced thin and tiny and blended becoming a delish pancake. They using sauce that increase the deliciousness of this snack! Too bad they only serve one in the set, i need more of this goodness! You can add more potato pancake that written in the menu.

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Toffee Date Pudding

Sticky pudding with a cake texture like. This classic english treat is great dessert with ice cream as the partner. Yes, this is my first time too, it coated with caramel and I ate that with ice cream.

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Chocolate Salted Caramel

Sweet and salty flavors are combined in these delicious chocolate coated caramel perfect dessert to treat a crowd. This is the BEST chocolate salted caramel that I’ve ever taste in my life! It just so perfect composition abput the chocolate and caramel sauce inside and a spread of salt that balance the sweetness. Absolutely I will coming back for this best sweets that I’ve ever taste in this year!

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Cammomile Tea (IDR 48k)

I once said that I’m not a coffee fans, but I’m a heavy tea fans! Cammomile (and earl grey) recently becoming my favorite choice of tea every time I enjoying my tea. The tea soft and delicate taste with the infusion of mellow cammomile flowers, better to put some lemongrass so the taste will be more amazing! They serve it in the cute teapot packaged with the glass, you can refill it as much as you can but I recommend you to refill it max 4 times for the best tea experience (based on my experience).

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Ice Choco Crunch  (IDR 45k)

Nobody can’t resist the deliciousness of the ovomaltine when it become a drink. This drink of course taste like ovomaltine with a hint of crispy flake, they also add the ovomaltine chocolate in the drink so you can eat the crispy chocolate directly. Damn, Im in love with this beverage!

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Overall, I enjoyed my tea time here with a good ambience and also worth the snacks!

Location : Jl. Kertanegara No. 72, Senopati, Jakata selatan

Phone Number : 021 – 7203098 or 0812-8751-4187

Open Hours : 14.00 – 23.00

Instagram : @bradleysjkt

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