Shabu Ghin Senopati – Best Japanese Shabu Shabu in Jakarta

Shabu Ghin Senopati – Best Japanese Shabu Shabu in Jakarta

Newly opened restaurant Shabu Ghin at Wolter Mongonsidi street. Their serving japanese shabu-shabu with 5 kind of soup selection and 3 kind of beef selection. They just opened in the starting of the month and attracted so many peoples enthusiast to try this new restaurant.

Shabu Ghin Senopati

I am a shabu-shabu addict since I was younger and now nothing chance my addiction. I’ve tried so many shabu-shabu restaurant with their own specialities like japanese, chinese, thai, and many more. Yesterday I was invited to Shabu Ghin to try their all you can eat shabu-shabu for the grand opening, congratulation!

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Senopati

The decoration of Shabu Ghin as you can see japanese restaurant ambience with minimum yellow lighting inside and natural light from window that spread out into the room. Unfortunately, I came here at 6pm so I try hard to get a good pciture with minimum yellow light.

Shabu Ghin

Shabu Ghin Senopati

They serving 3 kind of beef :

Shabu Ghin special Beef (IDR 188k) and Child/Senior (IDR 115k)

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef (IDR 238K) and Child/Senior (IDR 145k)

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef (388K) and Child/Senior (IDR 235k)

Shabu Ghin Senopati

All of the package including unlimited meat (that you already choose), vegetable, drinks, and dessert from their buffet counter.

They have 5 kind of sauce :

Original Konbu Soup

This soup belongs to my buddy from keluarmakan, the soup a bit sweet and have light taste.

Chicken Mizutaki Soup

This soup also belongs to my buddy from keluarmakan, just like ordinary chicken soup but more delish and he refill it twice.

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Spicy Tonyu Soup

This is my soup choices that I think Im very lucky because this is so delicious to moon and back! The soup like curry soup with yellow color dan it taste a bit spicy. I really recommend you to try this soup selection.

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Spicy Seafood Soup

This is belongs to Filipus Verdi, I’ve tried it and this also good. the soup have an red colour but not really that spicy, this also weenak tenan..

Sukiyaki Soup

If you want to add some fresh egg (IDR 10k)

In the Shabu Ghin buffet selection you can pick whatever you want such as assorted mushroom, fishball, salmonball, fresh vegetable, salad, fresh cutted fruit, and some selection of sauce to dip your cooked beef. They put all of the food in smoky cold refrigerator do the freshness of the food adversely.

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Senopati

They also serving cooked food such as chicken karaage, japchae , ramen bolognaise, assorted tempura, and many more. The best among all is the chicken karaage, me and keluarmakan team almost finish about 20 big chunk of chicken karaage! We love it so much and planning to come back ASAP because before we came, we already eat some food so our tummy half full.

Shabu Ghin Senopati

With this, me, Calvin Herryson, declare that this is the most delicious chicken karaage in jakarta by now!

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Shabu Ghin Senopati

Instagram : @shabughin

Address : Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No 53. Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Open hour :

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 15:00 PM & 18:00 PM – 22:00 PM

Phone : +62-21-7202336


Special Thanks to keluarmakan for accompany me here and borrowing their hand :p

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I'm a foodblogger from Jakarta-Indonesia that loved Indonesian cuisine so much! currently active in Instagram as @calvin.herryson follow me for update information about my culinary experience that will make your hunger vanish!
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  1. Ranii says:

    wohoo.. its look so yummy 😀


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