Hogs Breath SteakHouse at Tribeca, Central Park

Hogs Breath SteakHouse at Tribeca, Central Park

Hogs Breath that located at Tribeca, Central Park is one of the best restaurant that I’ve ever try in Central Park. Hogs Breath originated from Australia that was a steakhouse chain and last year this restaurant avaiable in Indonesia. Hogs Breath Served western food and you can ‘nobar’ here with giant projector screen to watch sport match or even came out for drinks. Hogs Breath have many selection of alcohol drinks and non-alcohol drink to accompany your night!

I know its too late to post this restaurant now, but I only want to post my recommended restaurant arround and I hope you dont disapointed when you visit this restaurant after read my review. They have a good food and good place but I think they need to settle the problems of fly in the daylight, because it was annoying to enjoy your meal with flies flying arround. So I recommen you to visit them in dinner time and all you got is “Fully-Satisfied”!

Hogs Breath Tibeca Central Park  Jakarta Indonesia

source : thefoodescape.com

A little bit conversation with the chef of the Hogs Breath, the chef said that all the seasoning and sauce are home made and only the ingredients imported to make sure you got the greatest experience of having meal here. In short, I love the foods especially the ribs!

Hogs Breath Tibeca Central Park  Jakarta Indonesia

Jumbo Combo (149k)

A big platter consist of potato skin, buffalo wings, crumbed chicken tenders, salt and pepper dusted calamary, prawn spring rolls, and portion of curly fries with lime sweet chili sauce and Hog’s Breath Honey Mustard. Let me explain one by one about the mouthwatering appertizer:

  • Potato Skin

A deep fried potato skin loaded with chili con corne topped with cheese that melted when you try to pick it up. and the last one is topped with mayonaise. The taste a bit spicy because it loaded with chily but not really spicy enough to burn your tongue.

  • Buffalo Wings

American Style marinated chicken wings with spiced flour and golden deep fried and poured with original spicy buffalo sauce. I’m a fans of spicy food and I found this chicken wings are so adorable!

  • Crumbed Chicken Tenders

Chicken strip coated with seasoned crumbs and golden deep fried, the chicken texture was good and not dry even the outside was so crispy.

  • Salt and pepper Calamary

Round cut of calamary rings marinated with salt and pepper and poured with breadcrumbs. My favorite snack whenever I go, their calamary also delicious with crispy crumbs and juicy inside.

  • Prawn Spring Rolls

Oh yes my favorite food, prawns! Just an ordinary springroll with prawn and deep fried crisp but i swear one is never enough, I mean one portion!

  • Curly Fries

What to explain? Everybody loves fries and fries loves everybody!

  • Lime Sweet Chili Sauce

I can describe the taste of the sauce just like thai sweet and spicy sauce but its different with it, I love the sour taste from the sauce that make the foods more mouthwatering and it just feels like so fresh because the sour from the lime.

  • Hog’s Breath Honey Mustard

FYI: my friend @hobijajan *gado-in* the sauce, LoL. I admit the sauce is delicious but I still prefer the Lime Sweet Chili Sauce. Well, you can ask @hobijajan why he loves this sauce so much :p

Hogs Breath Tibeca Central Park  Jakarta Indonesia

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs (178k/298k)

Thanks to Hogs Breath to create this glorious things to satisfy my tummy! This is Hog’s style braised pork spare ribs basted with their special Hickory smoked BBQ sauce and served with curly fries/mash potato and seasonal vegetable/salad. The tender texture and easy to separate the pork from the ribs succesfully make me love this dish! You can choose half rack or full rack, but maybe full rack not even enough for me if Im on my crazy mode.

Smoked Herbs BBQ Beef Ribs (228k)

This one also recommended to try! 4 piece of smoked huge Beef Ribs marinated with herbs and BBQ sauce. At first I tough it will just like ordinary BBQ sauce, but the taste of the herbs stronger and mixed well with the BBQ sauce. The meat also tender and easy to pull out from the ribs! It also served with curly fries and seasonal vegetable/salad to complete your meal.

Hogs Breath Tibeca Central Park  Jakarta Indonesia

Garlic Prawn Prime Rib Steak (238k/269k/338k)

Flame-grilled prime rib steak with juice fresh prawn in Hog’s home made garlic and white wine cream sauce. The steak recommended for medium and they didnt wrong, the steak so tender and juicy! The steak cooked well and completed with sauce that they made from beef broth that taste salty and tasteful.

El Grande Prime Rib Steak (218k/249k/318k)

Prime Ribs Steak topped with mexican salsa, warm cheese sauce, and sliced jalapenos. Same with the ‘garlic prawn prime risb steak’, but they make it more mexican with salsa and jalapenos! Personally, I love the warm cheese sauce that melted with the meat inside my mouth!

Hogs Breath Tibeca Central Park  Jakarta Indonesia

Australian Lamb shank (188k)

Traditionally braised lamb fore-shank that cooked for 1.5 hours that make the lamb so tender and flavorful with special sauce that made from lamb broth, this can be one of my favorite but i’m already full with the Ribs so I just try it a little. This meal also completed with creamy mash potato and steamed vegetables and basted with its own lamb gravy.

Well, thats all menu that I’ve tried in Hogs Breath and Im so impressed with their food. With a fair price you got a good food with good quality ingredients. They just broke my expectation of their food and now maybe Im one of the fans!

IG : @Hogsbreath_ID

Address : Tribeca park GF #15, Central Park Mall

Email : cs@hogsbreathcafe.co.id

Phone : 021- 56985336

Web : www.hogsbreathcafe.co.id

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