Hotel Vila Lumbung that located in Seminyak – Bali is one of my favorite place while staying in Bali. Hotel Vila Lumbung themed vila in the tropical garden because there’s so many tree surrounded the place with gorgeous facility such as large 2-level swimming pool, waterfall, cave, and a poolbar. This place just perfect for you who love nature themed hotel especially they have outdoor bathtub in their 1st floor rooms!

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

To complete your holiday at Hotel Vila Lumbung, they have an open air restaurant with an adjacent pool bar and garden terraces, the warmest friendly Balinese spa, children’s playground, tour desk, fitness center, meeting room and WIFI hot spot. With 36 Superior Rooms and 34 Deluxe Bungalows this is the remarkable place for people who seek a fresh and tropical atmosphere. Balinese hospitality awaits you at this Bali resort hotel!

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

hotel villa lumbung seminyak bali

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Talking about hotels, of course we have to talk about how good their breakfast. Hotel Vila Lumbung have one of the best grilled bacon in the world (lebay), I’ve taste all the bacon in all my visited hotels while in Bali. They have a lots of choice of breakfast menu and as always my breakfast menu falling to omellete, sausages, and absolutely a lots of pork bacon!

hotel vila lumbung

While staying at Hotel Vila Lumbung, we got a chance to try their signature menu that cooked by Chef Raka in a private lunch, it was a great pleasure for us. Even some of the menu served same with menu that we have tried at The One, Legian. Here’s the full review!

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Grill Crab Cake (IDR 70K)

Crab cake grilled and topped with poached egg served with caramelize kernel corn, black caviar, chili buerre blanc and spout. Overall I love the platting and the taste also good, the crab meat seasoned well and the texture, smell, freshness didn’t changed even after processed into crab cake.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Potato Rock Skin (IDR 45K)

Baked potato topped with chicken cube, paprika, onion, cheedar cheese, and melting mozzarella cheese. Great starter to start your lunch!

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Vietnamese Roll (IDR 70K)

Poached marinated prawn with coriander, cucumber, pepper, spout, and wrapped with thin rice flour skin served with thai dipping sauce. The prawn served fresh and the taste of the vegetables was so strong even the smell of the vegetables leaving in my mouth after the first bite. Good choice for vegetables lovers.

69 Mystery

Cocktail made from vodka, blackcurrant, and cranberry. At first i tough it was lemon cocktail, but from the ingredients you should know that it tasted berry with a smell from sliced lemon.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Beef Teriyaki (IDR 75K)

Well cooked beef with teriyaki sauce platted over crispy noodles served with rice and potato salad. The beef was tender and seasoned well even I think it must be less saltier. Overall this is one of my favorite dish!

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Grilled Seared Tuna Steak (IDR 125K)

Grilled tuna steak with jasmine rice, sautéed water spinach, and chili beurre blanc sauce. The tuna didn’t smelly and cooked well, the portion quite huge and satisfying. The grilled tuna plated well with fragantic rice in the bottom of the grilled tuna and sautéed water spinach on the top that I think I like it so much especially it ate together with matah sambal which also served in the plate.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

BBQ Chicken Tortila (IDR 125K)

Chicken tortilla plated over crispy pastry and served with mashed purple yam. The chicken tortilla cooked well with sweet taste and you must eat it with the mashed purple yam to balance the taste in your mouth.

White Wine Sangria

White wine sangria in a jug served with fresh cutted fruits and cinnamon stick. The sangria taste was good and with medium alcohol content. Good choice to drink while talking around

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Lumbung Pisang Goreng (IDR 45K)

Crispy fried banana spreaded with grated cheese and chocolate ceres served with honey. An Indonesian peoples favorite snack everywhere and everytime.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Triple Chocolate Mousse (IDR 55K)

Rich chocolate mousse consist of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, an white chocolate served with fresh cutted fruit and plated beautifully. This is the best chocolate mousse that I’ve ever taste! The taste just perfect, the dark chocolate taste a bit bitter support the sweet taste from the white chocolate and the milk chocolate taste better.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Cro’nut Ice Cream (IDR 45K)

Fresh home-made croissant doughtnut or cronut served with strawberry ice cream. They didn’t want to missing the trend of cronut, so they made it by them self and the taste incredibly good!

hotel villa lumbung seminyak bali

Frozen Daiquiri

frozen cocktail made from bacardi, strawberry, and lime. this is my favorite among all because it contain less alcohol and very refreshing.

hotel vila lumbung seminyak bali

Kiss on The Lip

Fresh cocktail made from vodka, peach syrup, and mango that tste refreshing with medium alcohol content. It look cute with a tropical fruit and a umbrella that made me feels like in the beach, LoL.

Special thanks to Ibu Dewi Mas and Mbak Irma ishirma for having us and the hospitality while we stay at this wonderfull place. See you in the next trip!

Instagram : @hotelvilalumbung

Web : www.hotellumbung.com

Phone : +62 361 4730204

Fax : +62 361 4731106

Address : Jalan Raya petitenget no. 1000x, Seminyak, bali, Indonesia

Email : sales@hotellumbung.com

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